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Soca Music Collection

    ARTIST Title HIT SONG(S)    
  1 Ajamu Precious more than Gold Christina, On the Road again, Open Up    
  2 Ajamu King of the Jungle Mama Canne, A prayer for my Nation    
  3 Ajamu In Touch with the spirit Bay Say Ma, King Man Love, My Grenada    
  4 Ajamu Mister Music Caribbean Woman, Mister Music    
  5 Anderson Armstrong Conscience Call Plumber, Nutten So, Kitty Kat    
  6 Arrow Turbulence Montserrat Nice, Move Dat Body    
  7 Arrow Soca Dance Party Zouk Me, Easy Dancin, Bills    
  8 Arrow Ride De Riddim Attitude, Dance Hall Queen    
  9 Arrow Phat We Different, Slow Dancin    
  10 Atlantik Hard As Steel Frenchman Jam    
  11 Atlantik Making Waves Pump it, Ramrajee, Standing Firm    
  12 Atlantik 360 Soca Wanti Wanti, Leggo de tempo    
  13 Atlantik Hot & Spicy All Aboard, Bend Down, Horn Song    
  14 Baron The Sweet Soca Man Somebody, Soca Man, Ah holding On    
  15 Baron Ballads a Caribbean Flavor Let it be me, Red red wine, More    
  16 Baron Standing Tall You Can't miss this Party, Woman    
  17 Baron Two Thousand and One Come & party with me, Bown skin gal,    
  18 Becket Give it up Small Pin, Rock me, Doh eat & lie Down    
  19 Black Stalin Message To Sundar Where De Man, Sundar    
  20 Black Stalin Roots, Rock, Soca Caribbean Unity, Burn Dem, More Come    
  21 Burning Flames Klatye Swing Engine, Pong and Chant    
  22 Burning Flames Woosh Batton Down Fire Under me foot, Bat you    
  23 Burning Flames Oh Behave Avoid me, Whiteman Can't Jump    
  24 Burning Flames Fan De Flame Fan De Flame, Zig Zag    
  25 Burning Flames Jam -Eulius Mud Dung, Quickie    
  26 Burning Flames Unstapable Mash it Up, Stick It. Radam    
  27 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soca Tremor Faluma, The river, Oil Punping    
  28 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soca Frenzy Footsteps, Soca Congaline, Roll it    
  29 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soca Engine Swing Engine, Chutney Bachannal    
  30 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soca Robics Big Truck, Follow the Leader    
  31 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soca Tatie Soca Tatie, Wave, Iwer, Ring Bang    
  32 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Greatest Hits Tiny Winey, Hot Hot, Maxi Taxi    
  33 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soca Vibes Leggo Mi Man, Rude Gal    
  34 Byron Lee & Dragonaires Soft Lee (Greatest Hits) Stuck on You, Let it be, Spanish Eye    
  35 DJ-Mix Various Artist Soca 1999 Faluma, The river, Oil Punping,    
  36 DJ-Mix Various Artist Soca Xplosion 99 Hands on deck, Move up Ya Body    
  37 DJ-Mix Various Artist Soca Master Vol II Stamina, 25, Showdown, Lethal Batty    
  38 DJ-Mix Various Artist Soca Hits 2000 Jab Jab, Volcano, nothing, Water, No Where    
  39 DJ-Mix Various Artist Grenada Soca 1999 Old Woman, Haul Ya Ass, The Clock    
  40 DJ-Mix Various Artist Musical Mix 2000 Pt. 3 Jump, Dushi, Bat fire, The Grave, Insomina    
  41 DJ-Mix Various Artist Soca Flash Back Tiny Winey, Peter, Rati Ray, Teaser    
  42 DJ-Mix Various Artist Back In time Soca Pt 1 Spring Garden, Sing in she party, Mi lover,    
  43 DJ-Mix Various Artist Soca Flash Back Pt. 2 Workie Workie, Tonight, Wet Me Down    
  44 DJ-Mix Various Artist Musical Mix 2000 Pt. 1 Jovert Morning, Iron Bazodee, Jammers    
  45 DJ-Mix Various Artist Jungle Mix 2000 Body Aching, My Neighbour, No Soft Man    
  46 DJ-Mix Various Artist Musical Mix 2001 Pt 6 Cake, Sak Pase, Blame it on the Music    
  47 DJ-Mix Various Artist Musical Mix 2002 Pt. 7 Chances, Peeping, Take U Time, Curry    
  48 DJ-Mix Various Artist Musical Mix 2000 Pt. 5 Glow, Kim, Jump Start, Stranger, Horn    
  49 Earl Brooks Siomething Nice Let it be Me, You got a Friend, Hello    
  50 Fab 5 Shape Shape, Mango, Womanising    
  51 Jam Band Man Terrible Man Terrible, Throw Back Batty    
  52 John King Yard Style Jump & Wave, Roll D Boom Baloom    
  53 John King Message From Beyond Our Heroes, Fileds and Hills    
  54 Kassav Majestik Zouk Wep, Ou Le, Domeyis, Djoni    
  55 Kassav Vini Pou Sye Bwa, Flask, Rosa    
  56 Kassav Le Meilleur De Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman, Siwo    
  57 Kevin King From the Waist Down Bumper Alarm, Roll it Up    
  58 Krosfyah Ultimate Party Sweating, Pump Me Up    
  59 Krosfyah Aim High Wet Me, Yardie, Down the Road    
  60 Krosfyah Fyah Riddums Road Block, Highway Robbery    
  61 Krosfyah Krosfyah.Com Agony, Huntin, Forkin    
  62 Krosfyah Hot Zone Downin My System, Oil Pumping    
  63 Krosfyah Cool Under Fire Sak Pase, Vegetarian, I Doubt    
  64 Krosfyah(Edwin - Solo) The Good And Bad in Me Handy Man, Duchi, Fiah Fiah    
  65 Lil Rick Challenge Travellers, Ruff Winers    
  66 Machael Montano Too Young To Soca Jab Jab, Real Unity, Love You Tonight    
  67 Madd Some Like it Hot Food, Fool, Vat you    
  68 New Direction Soca Dance Party Street Party, Rudness    
  69 New Direction Spicy Rhythm Roll It, Time, Put Ya Hand    
  70 Onyan Crazy Man Crazy Man, Ye le le, Whoops Whaps    
  71 Onyan Me Crazy Again If Loving U is Wrong, I've got you Babe    
  72 Osha Sign On Sign On, The Stamp, Doh bother me    
  73 Red Plastic Bag One More One More, Something in the Music    
  74 Red Plastic Bag Bajan Invasion Issues of the Day, Marilyn, Assets    
  75 Red Plastic Bag I need you now, None ah this    
  76 Red Plastic Bag Unlimited Marching on, Material, This One    
  77 Red Plastic Bag Master Stroke Uneassy, Keep on Coming    
  78 Red Plastic Bag 246010100 Volcano, Hold on and Dance    
  79 Rupee Blame It on The Music Blame It on The Music, Thanks, Cake    
  80 Scholar & Beast Two of a kind Belly, Sweat, Blessed    
  81 Sparrow Doh Stop De Carnival Play Me Music, Doh Touch Meh President    
  82 Sparrow Dance Pary Congo Man, Jean & Dinah, The Lizard    
  83 Spice The World Dance Lift YA Leg, In De Congaline    
  84 Square One 4 Sides Ragga Muffin    
  85 Square One Sweetness Ju Ju, Granny, Aye Aye    
  86 Square One In Full Bloom Dj Ride, Faluma, 25,    
  87 Square One Fast Forward Togetherness, Iron Bazodee    
  88 Square One Higher Heights 69, Wild Meat, Love is in the Air    
  89 Square One Missing Files I Gotcha, Aye Aye Aye(Carnival Mix)    
  90 Square One Champions Girls Bam Bam, Wine Back, Saltfish Water    
  91 Squeeize Squeezie(First Edition) Sweet Ragga Soca, Party Girls, Stick it    
  92 Tallree Stepping In The Grave and the Jail, Ole Woman    
  93 Tangler Father & Son Chala Baiti, Bombay Dulahin    
  94 Technic Band Tekkin Over Ah Like it, Ride it    
  95 Terencia Coward(TC) New Direction Jammers, Take your time    
  96 Terencia Coward(TC) Colour me soca Mr. Dj, Wrong Name, J'ouvert morning    
  97 Troubadours It Feels Good Tonight, Happy Horns    
  98 Troubadours Nice Time Nice Time, Talk, Wukin    
  99 Various Artist Fire In the wave Ringa Ringa ringbang, Dr. Cassandra    
  100 Various Artist Wukin party Wukin party, Melt me down, Speedo    
  101 Various Artist Billboard Soca In the meantime, Adam & Eve    
  102 Various Artist Slam City Crew Grind Dem , Bajan Salsa    
  103 Various Artist JW Soca Hits 1997 Property,Follow De Leader, Flambo    
  104 Various Artist JW Soca Hits 1995 Raise yuh Hand    
  105 Various Artist Road March 1980-1995 Soca Baptist, Ethel, Deputy    
  106 Various Artist Massive Carnival Hits Dollar Wine, Billie Jean    
  107 Various Artist The Musician Blaze of Glory Say you love me, Rights, Vengeance    
  108 Various Artist Soca Gold Vol. 3 Drive it, Thunder, Ah coming too    
  109 Various Artist Pure Soca Vol. 2 Big Belly Man, Good Buddy, Ouch!    
  110 Various Artist Pure Soca Vol. 1 Inez, Hold Yuh Man, Lady, Guns    
  111 Various Artist Soca Gold Vol. 1 Nani wine, Say Say, Rock it,    
  112 Various Artist Soca Gold 1998 Respond, Man ah bad Man,    
  113 Various Artist Soca Gold 1999 Lthhal Batty, Pump it, Up under me    
  114 Various Artist Soca Gold 1997 Ice Cream, Flambo, Big Truck    
  115 Various Artist Soca Gold Vol. 6 We Rocking all night, Ragga Ragga    
  116 Various Artist Soca Gold 2000 Jammers, Old woman alone, Ruff Winners    
  117 Various Artist Soca Gold 2001 Jump, Hicky, Bounce Me, Follow The Leader    
  118 Various Artist Grenada Soca 95 Madness, Woop Wap, Green Carnival    
  119 Various Artist Soca Gold(20th Edition) Progress, Sugar Bum Bum, Ras Mas    
  120 Various Artist Reggae On Mango Grove Master, Don't Turn Around, Tell Mama    
  121 Various Artist Wind Ya Waist Long Time, Tension, Mr. Bissessar    
  122 Various Artist De Soca Zone My Birdie, Panic, To Take Away    
  123 Various Artist Crossroads Fire, Insomina, J'ouvert, Jump, One de Route    
  124 Various Artist Monstapiece (Miliena) Action, Hands Up, Jab Jab Crew, Wine Wid Me    
  125 Various Artist Golden Hits Vol 1. One Day, Progress, ah Coming    
  126 WCK Original Hold Dem Original Hold Dem, Drum Song    
  127 Winston Soso Greatest Hits I Don't Mine, Some men love some women    
  128 Wizard De Latest & De Greatest IMF, Pan Man, Soca Feelings    
  129 Wizard Pure Lyrics Vol. 1 New World Order, IMF, My Music, Oh Grenada    
  130 Wizard In A Party Mood Vol 11 Soca Feelings, Simple Song, Soca Posses    
  131 Wizard Wizard My Gulp, Ah Doh Know, Science & tech.    
  132 Xtatik 97 Heavy Duty Big Truck, Taye Aye, Pretty Gals